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13 February 2010 @ 01:33 pm
 GAAAAAAH! I'm gonna die from this paperwoooork! 
Dayum! Aaand we have to like.. pass it this wednesday, dear lord, help meeee
IDK what to doooooo T_T
Plus, exams are on next week following NAT, 3 weeks latur WAAAAAAAHH!
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30 January 2010 @ 11:55 am
We watched the 3d version. But before we watched it we had to wait for an hour since we arrived at 5pm then the movie starts at 6.
We were supposed to watch the 3D version of Avatar but it is nowhere to be found, so we only watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
I bought... Skittles, A Regular Cheese Popcorn (which looked like a large popcorn) aaaand rootbeer (specifically Sarsi). Well while watching that, it made me more hungry XD. It was an awesome movie, I forgot the name of the main character but he really had big eyes when he was small. He was sooo cute, but not 'that' cute XD
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30 January 2010 @ 10:20 am
YAYZ, mom bought Me and Nikki a TVXQ CD
entitled ' The 3rd Asia Tour Concert ~ MIROTIC live in Seoul
-- luv joo mooom!~♥
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28 January 2010 @ 08:22 pm
OMFG! Here in Cebu, just arrived
Me and My sister had our haircuts done.
We had out hair cut in Tony & Jackey. A korean barber shop :b
My haircut was unique, it made my thin hair look thicker and added volume
in the other hand, Nikkis thick hair became thin, almost reminded me of Ga-In
The shop was cool, they had a unique way in cutting hair. I only heard haengbok and lies (BB)
We had our health check today.
Planning to buy TVXQ album though
aaand, an origami book or a fashion book. I have to do my Book report, so that would mean i'd buy another book, a childrens book to make it easier.
I already paid for my SxS fan book, hope it arrived here safely :3

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24 January 2010 @ 08:57 pm
 Lawl, Happy Birthday to Nikki-unni!
Anywayz it was a fun party, Happy Sweet 16 XD
Had fun making the Shabu-Shabu stuff
Well my Birthday party was the most awkward one
I decided to have my b-day with my classmates in school, my parents had to come, and theeeen, they were toooooo quiet
even the noisiest student was quiet, and my mom had to say "Oh, so you must be one of the most quiet class here in FMC"
loooool, we were the noisiest, they were just scared O.o
Theeeen, we had Recollection, although I actually got bored from it, the Proctor was tooo awkward, but yeah, it's okay.
I had to leave at 3 because of my aunt instead of 5 pm
The whole day we watched Prince of Egypt in the Morning and August Rush on the Afternoon, I swear that little boy is daaaaamn, cute, his deep Blue Big Eyes weere so like... hypnotizing, too bad he doesn't look that good now XD

I'm like a big A+ faaaan nowadays, thanks again to the Hannah Virus. MBLAQ is sooo awesome, just as I look at my iPod in iTunes play count I played 'Oh yeah' 684 times, ahaha, and still, I haven't gone bored with the song. Can't believe Sunmi's going to quit WG though. She's dorkable. I pretty much a bit of a B2TY, Bad Girl is a cool song, though I only played the song 25 times in iTunes.  Heartbeat rooocks, I playes it only 196 times XD. God~ HANNA!, you and your Virus :3, if there's another cool song you know, let me know :3. 
CNBLUE's I'm a Loner was... kinda cool :D

I'm gonna pay for the fanbook tomorrowwwww! 
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25 December 2009 @ 12:32 am
 OMGEEEEEE!!! I'm lyk... happy! I just received my xmas gifts... although they were only 4... oh well, it's still awesome.
cause what I got waaaasss....

SKULLCANDY LOWRIDER my fave among the rest
East Pack Bag the perfect bag for my gadgets XD
LO'REAL Glam Shine love the color, smell and taste :3 yuh I can taste ittttt
FashionAngels Scrapbook the perfect scrapbook for my H.S. Memories XD


I just noticed... my gifts are a theme of pink O.o honestly what I got last year was a theme of Hello Kitty yes still a theme of pink XD  aaaand i was able to get cash (which I wanted ever since I listened to Christmas Cash by Fred Figglehorn) and I'm going to use that money for that FT SxS fanbook :3, and yeeeeees I was able to have that book with the help of deknighted i was able to get thaaaat. I'm like friggin' happy right now, and if its already possible, i'll buy two for special reasons. I bought the romance cover though.
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23 December 2009 @ 05:48 pm
  ZOMG, i sooooo want an FT booook. T_T, I want it sooooo bad i'm gonna beg Dad to give me one for my birthday!
and it's such a great deal since....

it comes in a package with...
A book box (made by fine arts artist from FEU and UST students),  a bookmark, 2 CD's (Fansoundtrack/Album) and Book (hard cover, leatherbound, more or less 600 pages, 40 colored fan arts, cover jacket will be of three choices which are SxS; Fluff, angst and Romance)
what makes it awesome is that it only cost 500 frickin' pesoooos! T_T
I waaaannnaaa have one sooo badly.
I can't choose between the Fluff or the Romance cover jacket though, they're too cuute.
deknighted ! how'd you convince dad to buy your LJ account?!?!? I'm soooooo jealous already! T_T, and its a great deal for only 500 T_T
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20 December 2009 @ 05:11 pm
 OMFG, i'm so happy, like all giddy. Me and my bestfriend were so uber Hyper, we were hogging the stage all to ourselves. I mean we didn't give the others a chance to take a picture. Well this was one of the pictures we had there XD: Just 3 pictures XDCollapse ) .... OMIGOOOD, i really am in love with SuJu and SNSD's S.E.O.U.L, very cute music video, I RECOMMEND IT!  Then, i am again inlove again with Jessica's old song 'Cold Noodles' i wanna eat naengmyun:3.  Hey Hannskies, any kpop reccomendations nowadays???
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20 December 2009 @ 04:52 pm
 OMFG, right now, my baby she's not just a doog!  maxine, she's sleeping right now. She's so cuuute
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22 September 2009 @ 07:11 pm
I'm friggin loving 4minute already, love their 'MUZIK' song. I also had their song hot issue as my ringtone like... 2 months ago or was it a month ago. Anyways, the song hot issue was totally cool so i set it as my ringtone for messages and i would really stop to the part where Hyuna would go "STOP". Then there was like one time when I went back to Cebu for the 2nd time my younger cousins heard that. They were both (Joshua and Justin) like.." *some kinda beat* dundundundundun..STOP" they would also say stop. I was really laughing since Justin was super cute when he said stop and Joshua was all Macho and stuff. Anyways 4minute is on along with Kara and Brown Eyed Girls. 8D.
Any suggestions for new kpop?
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